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Indian Ambassador to Romania, released the book on Meditation written by Swami Ananda

Book on Meditation, written by Swami Ananda Saraswati was released by Honourable Indian Ambassador to Romania Mr. Thanglura Darlong. The first officer Mr. Bhaskar Bhatt welcomed the gathering and Victoria Gall, president of Yoga Vidya Romania introduced all the guests. Professor. Mr. Matei Georgescu, PhD Psychoanalyst gave the Introductive word. Professor. Mr. Mateand and Professor. Mr. Petru Lisievici spoke about the book. Ana cernat, member of Yoga Vidya Romania gave vote of thanks.

Swami Ananda Saraswati, reached Henry Coanda International Airport, Romania on 20th November 2018, was received by Victoria Gall and other Yoga Vidya students. The book release event happened at Indian Embassy in Romania on 21st November 2018.

Swamiji blessed the occasion and presented a copy of book signed by him to the Honourable Indian Ambassador to Romania, Mr. Thanglura Darlong.

Swamiji’s visit to ICaro – Community for children


Augusta : Swami Ananda Saraswati, Founder of Yoga Vidya Gurukulam, Himalayas Vidya Vahini Trusts, Yoga Vidya ONlLUS, Italy, visited ICaro a home for Children at Agusta, Sicily, Italy.

Stefania Rossitto, President of Yoga Vidya ONLUS, President of Children Home Mr. Enzo Toscano, founding teacher of Yoga Vidya Agusta were present. After questions and answer session Meditation books were distributed to all the inmates. Elio Panarello, Teacher and Founder of Yoga Vidya Agusta is taking regular classes for them.


Satisfied with the experience, the president of “Icaro”, Enzo Toscano , who praised the yoga classes carried out by Elio Panarello called it as, “Yoga for re-living”, and thanked him by stating, “even the hyperactive guys are able to reap great benefits “, and everyone were pleasantly amazed by the serenity and the interaction provided by Swamiji.

Journey to the Source of Ganges, Himalaya, India from 6th August 2018 to 21st August

Journey to the Source of Mother Ganga, Himalaya, India.

“Pilgrimage Himalayan Yoga India”
O Ganga! O my Mother! I bow to your lotus feet, captured by your love. Unsustainable is the fortune of being close to you. Mother! Give me knowledge together with devotion. India … land of gods and sacred water, renunciation to the world and self-seeking. Female, Mysterious India, East Light.
The Yoga Vidya Center Yoga offers a trip to northern India, climbing the Ganges from Rishikesh (the world capital of yoga) to Haridwar, passing through the Himalayas forest to Uttarkashi and Gangotri.



06/08/2018 Departure from Rome Fiumicino to Delhi
07/08/2018 Arrive in Delhi in morning private bus transfer to Rishikesh, accommodation in ashram or hotel
08/08/2018 Residency at Rishikesh, located on the banks of the Ganges River, at the foot of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is surrounded by green mountains in a natural scenery particularly suitable to give that sense of isolation that meditation requires. The entrance to the city is dominated by two spectacular hanging bridges in iron, Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jula. Both lead into the city center: a two-kilometer trail dotted with temples and shrines.
09/08/2018 Departure by private bus to Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi district, arrival in the evening accommodation in Ashram (Yoga Vidya Gurukulam)
10/08/2018 Stay at Ganeshpur and a seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study at Vedanta
11/08/2018 Stay at Ganeshpur and a seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study at Vedanta
12/08/2018 Seminar held by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study of Vedanta
13/08/2018 Departure for Gangotri Gangotri is the Garhwal Himalaya site from where the sacred Gange originates. It was here that Goddess Ganga descended on Earth after bouncing on Shiva’s haircut


As the myth relates, King Bhagirath worshiped Lord Shiva at a sacred stone near this temple which was rebuilt in the 18th century. The slab on which Bhagirath is believed to meditate is called Bhagirathi Shila. Here Mother Ganga is worshiped as Goddess and sacred river. Before performing the Puja rituals, you immerse yourself in the sacred Gange that runs near the temple. The temple Pujari (priests) belong to the Brahmin community from Mukhwa village. Ten of them are rotated every year to perform all the functions of the temple.
Return in the evening to Ganeshpur
14/08/2018 Seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and Vedanta practice
15/08/2018 Seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga practices and study of Vedanta
16/08/2018 Departure for Rishikesh arrival in the evening accommodation in Ashram or hotel, dinner and overnight stay
18/08/2018 Visit of Haridwar with Ganges, re-entry in Rishikesh
19/08/2018 Free shopping day
20/08/2018 Transfer to Delhi
21/08/2018 Return to Italy