Subhasitani – Sanskrit to English

While preaching others, all behave like they are the ideal. But when it comes to them, they forget basic manners what they have already highlighted for others.


One should engage in such deeds during daytime by which he gets comfortable and regret-free sleep during the night. So also one must engage in such activities whole life by which he becomes happy, comfortable and free, form everything even after leaving this body.


Fruitful trees bend down easily; likewise, the truly great are humble. Whereas, the dried wood and arrogant person never bends down (but always breaks down).

One never knows what will happen to him tomorrow. Therefore, a Wiseman should do tomorrow’s work today itself.

A person lives life without having interest in acquiring knowledge, living a likes and dislikes driven life, not helping others in time, not interested in self-knowledge, behaves based on one’s whims and fancies, nor develops universal values within and not interested to do what is to be done in a given time; is not only a burden to the society but also is equal to an animal living in the form a Human.

Know your Mind (Shiva Sankalpam Astu) By Swami Ananda Saraswati

When it is awake, it goes away to perceive the outside world and during sleep, it returns to one’s own self. By the help of it, one knows Papa and Punyam, the past, present and the future, that which enlightens the light, is the one. ‘Let my mind be auspicious’ is my sincere wish.   1

By which karma kandin (the one who is busy in rituals), the seers, emotionally stable people, know what is moksa or end of all knowledge (and) which is the essence of all yajna ( the end result of ritualistic portions of Veda), that is adorable. ‘Let that my mind be auspicious’ is my sincere wish or let my mind come back to me with virtues and knowledge after experiencing the world.   2

By the help of which knowledge (knowledge in general and also in particular) take place, that which holds everything and that indeed is thinking faculty. Who is the light (in whose presence all the sense organs functions) with reference to knowledge, who is alive even the death of the gross body of the people and in whose absence no work can be done; ‘Let that mind be auspicious to me’ is my sincere wish.

By the help of which (mind) that is like nectar (ever fresh), the past, present and future are known. By which priest performs the rituals. Let my mind abide with dharma, God or auspiciousness is my sincere wish.

As in the center of the wheel of a chariot, the spokes are connected, so also the Rik veda, yajur veda and sama veda are in the mind; by which people come to know everything and keep relation with all. ‘Let that mind be auspicious to me’ is my sincere wish.

As a well-trained charioteer controls the horses with the help of rain, so also the mind controls people (by the rain of sense organs). Which resides in the heart (oneself), which never grows old and moves very fast; ‘Let that mind be auspicious to me’ is my sincere wish.


Journey to the Source of Ganges, Himalaya, India from 6th August 2018 to 21st August

Journey to the Source of Mother Ganga, Himalaya, India.

“Pilgrimage Himalayan Yoga India”
O Ganga! O my Mother! I bow to your lotus feet, captured by your love. Unsustainable is the fortune of being close to you. Mother! Give me knowledge together with devotion. India … land of gods and sacred water, renunciation to the world and self-seeking. Female, Mysterious India, East Light.
The Yoga Vidya Center Yoga offers a trip to northern India, climbing the Ganges from Rishikesh (the world capital of yoga) to Haridwar, passing through the Himalayas forest to Uttarkashi and Gangotri.



06/08/2018 Departure from Rome Fiumicino to Delhi
07/08/2018 Arrive in Delhi in morning private bus transfer to Rishikesh, accommodation in ashram or hotel
08/08/2018 Residency at Rishikesh, located on the banks of the Ganges River, at the foot of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is surrounded by green mountains in a natural scenery particularly suitable to give that sense of isolation that meditation requires. The entrance to the city is dominated by two spectacular hanging bridges in iron, Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jula. Both lead into the city center: a two-kilometer trail dotted with temples and shrines.
09/08/2018 Departure by private bus to Ganeshpur, Uttarkashi district, arrival in the evening accommodation in Ashram (Yoga Vidya Gurukulam)
10/08/2018 Stay at Ganeshpur and a seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study at Vedanta
11/08/2018 Stay at Ganeshpur and a seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study at Vedanta
12/08/2018 Seminar held by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and study of Vedanta
13/08/2018 Departure for Gangotri Gangotri is the Garhwal Himalaya site from where the sacred Gange originates. It was here that Goddess Ganga descended on Earth after bouncing on Shiva’s haircut


As the myth relates, King Bhagirath worshiped Lord Shiva at a sacred stone near this temple which was rebuilt in the 18th century. The slab on which Bhagirath is believed to meditate is called Bhagirathi Shila. Here Mother Ganga is worshiped as Goddess and sacred river. Before performing the Puja rituals, you immerse yourself in the sacred Gange that runs near the temple. The temple Pujari (priests) belong to the Brahmin community from Mukhwa village. Ten of them are rotated every year to perform all the functions of the temple.
Return in the evening to Ganeshpur
14/08/2018 Seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga and Vedanta practice
15/08/2018 Seminar led by Swami Ananda Saraswati with yoga practices and study of Vedanta
16/08/2018 Departure for Rishikesh arrival in the evening accommodation in Ashram or hotel, dinner and overnight stay
18/08/2018 Visit of Haridwar with Ganges, re-entry in Rishikesh
19/08/2018 Free shopping day
20/08/2018 Transfer to Delhi
21/08/2018 Return to Italy

Italy Trip – November 2017


Osho Kivani Roma இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: புதன், 18 அக்டோபர், 2017

On 4th November 2017

Presentation of Book
“Life Is a Series of Choices” by Swami Ananda Saraswati

Saturday 4 November – 17.30

Life is an opportunity for us to make choices. The difference between us humans and the rest of living beings, whether they belong to the vegetable or animal kingdom, is the faculty we have to exercise our power of choice.
The more we are aware, the more we make choices based on what needs to be done, what is right for us.
Discipline and yoga can help in exercising our faculty of choice in the best way to live in a conscious and freeway.

For more information and to book please contact the Secretariat at 064460120 (from Monday to Friday).

Ganga Arti at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam

Rishikesh : On the Occasion of Aradhana and Sradhanjali celebrations of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Arti Pooja to the Mother Ganga was conducted at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Rishikesh.

Ganga Arati at Dayananda ashram

Swami Ananda Saraswati இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: செவ்வாய், 19 செப்டம்பர், 2017

Pujya Swamiji Aradhana Celebrations

Rishikesh : Second Aradhana and Sradhanjali celebrations of Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati happened at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, Rishikesh. Disciples of Pujya Swamiji from various parts of the world were present at the Aradhana celebrations of Pujya Swamiji.

Arsha Vidya meet at the Rishikesh Ashram, happened following the Aradhana and Sadhanjali celebrations. Swami Ananda Saraswati, founder of Vidya Vahini Trust and Yoga Vidya Gurukulam was also present at the function.