Be A Magician!

This article is written based on the New Year Message from Swamiji on 31st December 2019.

The year 2020 is a magical number and this year will bring magical events in our lives. One has to be a magician to enjoy the magical events and not a spectator! The awareness of the situations and events, determines whether the person is a magician or spectator. A spectator is the one who gets carried away by the situations that one comes across. Whereas a magician is the one who is aware of the situation. Being aware of the situation, a magician not only enjoys but also makes others enjoy the situation. 

One has to be a magician with reference to the situations and events. In order to be a magician, one has to spend time for himself/herself. One has to make conscious efforts to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes of the morning hours without any specific role.Once a person starts spending time for oneself, one will soon discover that he/she is not getting carried away with reference to anybody or anything in their life. Once the person is not getting carried away by the roles, the people and the things one relates with, then that person is a magician and not a spectator anymore!

In this powerful New Year message Swamiji wishes everyone as following,

 “I sincerely wish, be a magician this year! Wish you all the best and let this year be happy, prosperous and of course very meaningful for you and for others. Thank you!”

The year 2020 is definitely a year which is teaching the whole world to be meaningful. People across the world irrespective of their lifestyle, culture and beliefs are all trying to introspect themselves and trying to be meaningful for themselves and for others. The situation that the world faces is being forced to be locked down, slow down, apply the brakes and be meaningful in the way they spend their resources, energy and to improve their lifestyle. The virus may be natural or man made but to bring the whole mechanical world to slow down and to be meaningful is definitely a magical event!

For some, the situations and events may not be as one would expect, they get carried away, resulting in frustrations and they might continue to be a spectator. For others they might use this as an opportunity to introspect, understand their limitations, try to develop humility and be a better person, if not a magician. If one spends time for oneself and in the process, not getting carried away with reference to their roles, responsibilities, people and things then definitely that person will be a magician!

To understand oneself and how to spend time in morning hours, the following sacred texts are thought by Swamiji during the Corona lockdown period and they are made publicly available: