Swamiji’s visit to ICaro – Community for children


Augusta : Swami Ananda Saraswati, Founder of Yoga Vidya Gurukulam, Himalayas Vidya Vahini Trusts, Yoga Vidya ONlLUS, Italy, visited ICaro a home for Children at Agusta, Sicily, Italy.

Stefania Rossitto, President of Yoga Vidya ONLUS, President of Children Home Mr. Enzo Toscano, founding teacher of Yoga Vidya Agusta were present. After questions and answer session Meditation books were distributed to all the inmates. Elio Panarello, Teacher and Founder of Yoga Vidya Agusta is taking regular classes for them.


Satisfied with the experience, the president of “Icaro”, Enzo Toscano , who praised the yoga classes carried out by Elio Panarello called it as, “Yoga for re-living”, and thanked him by stating, “even the hyperactive guys are able to reap great benefits “, and everyone were pleasantly amazed by the serenity and the interaction provided by Swamiji.

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