The Art of Trusting

(Based on Swamiji’s talks in November, 2013)
The entire universe runs on the basis of trust. We are alive because of trust. The day we stop trusting, is the day we begin to die. Life is abound with trust. Trust is every where, one only needs to be alert to see it. Even the most mundane of actions like breathing involves trust. It is only because I trust I can inhale, I am ready to exhale. In the space between inhalation and exhalation, there is trust. If we do not trust that we can inhale, would we ever exhale? And the one who does not trust that he can inhale, will either try not to exhale or do so partially.
But what creates distrust? Distrust is an outcome of fear. The fear that arises from our conclusions which are based on what we know or what we rely upon. Just like how a person who refuses to trust in inhalation, struggles to survive, a person who does not trust puts up a sorry face, an object of pity to the world around.
Let us look at another example, a very common act that is built on  trust; walking. The very fact that each leg of ours can hold our full weight makes us lift one leg after the other. If we do not trust that each foot of ours could hold our weights without falling, would we be able to walk? The same trust is also manifest when we run. I am sure that when I lift one of my feet, the other would move towards the ground. This belief makes me run. If I doubt my feet, can I run?
Those who don’t trust their feet end up depending on a support. If you visit a hospital, you can find perfectly healthy people with strong legs, using a walking stick. It is not because they cannot walk, it is because they don’t trust their legs anymore. If we observe ourselves closely, there is a lot of distrust that we have developed knowingly or unknowingly. Trust is not a logical outcome, in fact it is an overdose of logic that makes us lose it.
But a question may arise as to what is wrong if I do not trust? Isn’t it perfectly normal to not have trust in certain objects, people or situations in life? The answer is manifold. Distrust is the fruit and the seed of dependence . A person who does not develop the art of trusting, will end up with a sense of dependence. And engendering a sense of dependence is dangerous, not only to the one who has it but also to all those around. To trust is to not merely avoid dependence but also gain confidence. Trust and confidence go hand in hand. To the one who sees it well, trust is more than mere belief. Trust empowers us to act even in the most tiring of situations. Even when the sky feels closing down and the ground beneath seems falling, trust helps us move forward, with hope and without doubt or despair.
–  Written by Karthik Sundaram based on Swamiji’s talk­